Lynn Benson


I am drawn to forces within the natural world and I watch how we humans affect these delicate balances. My subject matter is within that dynamic realm. Particular elements of nature get an unexpected twist or angle, employing paint, pencil, fabric, found materials, whatever fits the project. I’m seeking core essences and universals while relishing opportunities to push paint through layers and explore fluid dynamics in liquid media. My work is about aesthetics, about surprises, about fragility, about reverence, and the political and environmentally-challenged world we inhabit.

My current work and passion relates to world waters. The amazing meandering lines created by rivers and shorelines, as seen in historic maps and satellite imagery, provide inspiration for many of my works about our world waters, and I play upon the botanical and anatomical similarities in paths of fluids and patterns of growth. Whether oceans, river deltas, and aquifers, or atmosphere, drought, and water cycles, my longtime attraction and interest in water was fed by proximity to the ocean as a toddler, and by awareness of the burning Cuyahoga River in the late 60s, in part leading to the federal Clean Water Act in 1972.

I want to be a part of the conversation as we face enormous change and challenges on a global scale related to our waters.


Lynn Benson was born not far from the Atlantic Ocean and raised in the US heartland. She’s always felt a tug to be near water...a primary focus in her current work. She left the corporate world in 2010 in order to work full-time as an artist in the Kansas City region, establishing her studio near the confluence of Kansas City’s major rivers, where her work explores the meandering lines of rivers and shorelines worldwide, and the delicate balancing act of our current natural and political world. Benson has had a solo exhibition, “Acid Wash: Playing with Consequences” at Kansas City’s Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, as well as a solo show, “Sidetrip,” at Kiosk Gallery, and a 2015 solo exhibition at the Kansas City Design Center, “Waterplaces: 100 Works on Paper,” a project which won her a month-long artist residency (“Escape to Create”) on the Gulf of Mexico, and an Inspiration Grant from ArtsKC-Regional Arts Council.The Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, recently purchased Waterplaces for their permanent collection, to be unveiled within a solo show at the museum in the spring of 2018.