Photos from Waterplaces exhibition in downtown KC

It takes a pro to capture forty-seven feet of delicate, translucent works. Thanks to friend and photographer E.G. Schempf I am able XLBenson_WATERPLACES exhibit section_2015to share, here, this first exhibition of the 100 WATERPLACES works. Thanks also to Vladimir Krystic, Director of KCDC, and Sarah Kraly, Executive Assistant, who supported this project in myriad ways during it’s 6-week run. And that’s only the beginning of the list of experts from our city, regional, environmental, and arts communities who contributed to the artist talk and panel discussion focused on water.

(Click images to enlarge for quality)

brLBenson_WATERPLACES (detail showing 6 of 100 works)

When you get closer you can see a little more about the hanging method, with the works on paper vellum captured within two additional sheets of vellum, strategically folded at the edges. Clockwise from upper left: Oil about the River (Williston, North Dakota); Simpson Desert, Australia; Brazoria (National Wildlife Refuge in Texas); Grand Canal (Venice); Detroit; Falkland Islands. Fragile places! Each has a story or information page in the binders which accompany the exhibition, complete, in some cases, with citations from national and international news, governmental, or scientific sources. Content related to each Waterplace varies from a few sentences to a full page.

Here’s another photo: a close-up of the corner of Papua, New Guinea.

#1_Corner_shows hanging method_Papua (detail)

For more photos/info:  This show needs to travel!

The Show Poster and The City…


For those walking along Baltimore in downtown Kansas City, the poster for my Waterplaces exhibition may have looked like this…depending on the time of day, the reflections from the city, and the light on of those stunning lime green accents within the Kansas City Design Center. KCDC is home base to an academic program for graduate architecture, urban design and landscape design students, ready to tackle real-world projects…and with a constant underpinning of sustainability. Our interests overlapped beautifully!