“Drops in Petri Dishes” invited to Idaho State show!

Co-sponsored by Idaho State University, “Water Ecologies”  runs March 28 – May 7th in Pocatello.

Guest juror, Basia Irland, chose to include me in this group show and I couldn’t be happier!! Partly because I admire her work so much, and partly because the show seems like the perfect fit for Drops in Petri Dishes, an installation which was born in the summer of 2012 when so much of the western portion of the U.S. experienced severe and distressing drought. I stopped what I was doing and started making “drops” reflecting specific water places, and nonspecific natural regions, oceans, rivers. Each drop felt sacred, precious, and singular.

The original drops were mostly small and I’ve incorporated them into various experimental works over the last several years. The current Drops in Petri Dishes are larger and this, so far, is my favorite format for these gems.IMG_2401(Here the Hudson River flows past the site of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, approximately 25 miles north of New York City.)

Can’t wait to receive photos of the show from ISU’s Department of Arts and Letters!