“Four Cups” travels on to Kentucky!

“Order and Chaos” is this year’s theme for a National Chautaqua taking place throughout the academic year at Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky.

Along with an annual Chautaqua Lecture Series, the Department of Art and Design’s Giles Gallery features works from 58 artists and 26 states in an exhibition, ORDER AND CHAOS, January 26 – February 22. I am honored that Four Cups was chosen from the hundreds of entries!

With what feels to be a timely theme, I want to share my statement accompanying the work, Four Cups:

“While water isn’t orderly, we have certain expectations for water –– the primary focus of my current artistic life. It rains, it flows and trickles in our creeks and rivers, it freezes into sleet and ice cubes. It fills vast spaces between land masses, creating broad oceans and bays. At home, most of the U.S. population can turn the handle on a faucet and, as prescribed by a city’s codes, the water will flow. And we expect that water to be “up to code” chemically. The chemists label it H20 (H-2-0) and we understand the order in that. But in recent years, there are things happening that go beyond the storms of nature, the droughts of seasons, the muddying of rivers. The chemistry in our oceans is changing from extra carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Our rivers, lakes and gulf waters have seen pollution from oil spills (Alabama Coast), mining (Animas River), lead in pipes (Flint), and farm runoff (Toledo). Here’s to vigilance, to avoid a water supply fallen to chemical chaos.”