“Dancing on the Table” at the Beach Museum of Art

The Friends of the Beach Museum of Art, at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, commissions a limited-edition print by a recognized Kansas artist for sale to Friends and the public each year, starting in 1934…

A hearty thank you to curator Aileen June Wang for inviting me to be the 2018 Friends of the Beach Museum of Art Gift Print Artist!

Herein are a few notes and photos from this delightful adventure:

I worked in collaboration with thoughtful and inspiring master printer Aaron Shipps at Bedrock Art Editions in the Crossroads arts district of Kansas City.

Here, I am sharing with Aaron my concept for the first time, sure of the basic design, unsure of how to get there. I had long worked in relief printing and some etchings, but never lithography. There was one element of which we were sure, and that was that there would be actual gold leaf where the “feet” of the wavy vertical lines were in contact with the implied water below.

At one stage I drew a gradated layer which ultimately would be a subtle nuance, bringing a creamier tone to the lower gold/water section and to the lower left hand portion of the print. The drawn lines were to extend beyond the edge of the template. We shifted the upper horizon and sky lines shown here into a higher, broader, smoother effect.

Many sessions later this is one of the final mock-ups. You can see the gold leaf, the “gold chunks” tissue strip which weaves through the cut-out “legs.” The paper layer showing through the “legs” in the large off-white lower section feature three separate applied colors blending into each other and angled from upper left to lower right through Aaron’s expertise!

The sky section has four separate papers above the very dark rich green litho ink stretching across the print. I then hand-applied colored pencil on top of that dark green on each print, employing as many as 5 colors on some, always leaving the original darker color to show at the bottom, up against the snappier inked horizon colors.

Leftover legs from the table dancers………………

Lined up and ready to sign.

There (were) ten available for purchase through The Beach. For information about purchasing a gift print, call 785-532-7718 or go to beach.k-state.edu.

It’s official when you see it framed and hanging on the wall!!  (The Gift Print Artist gets a SOLO SHOW!!)