Preparing for “River Compositions by Lynn Benson”

“River Compositions by Lynn Benson” runs from May 5 through July 15, 2018, at The Volland Store, an elegantly restored general store, now an art gallery, community space, and future residency site near Alma, Kansas, a creek and train tracks!

These brick walls are original! You can see where beams supported a prior second floor, now removed so that light from the upper windows soften and expand the space.

After the paintings were hung I began an installation on the big white wall. Scaffolding readied, I covered long tables with my “Fragments,” archival printed imagery which starts as angled detail photos of paintings. I’ve cut the photos along the curvy boundaries where water meets land, creating distinct lines and shapes, all pointing back to real places in the world.

Some Fragments are from previous paintings, some are from photographs of new oil paintings completed for this show.

Riverpuzzle #2 begins. This might be the night that owner Patty Reece and I worked late!

Did I mention that The Volland Store also has a beautiful loft/apartment where you can spend the night?

(“The Loft at The Volland Store”)