“Fragments” 2019

Fragments #46, Nugget, 2019, archival pigment prints, 8.5″ x 8.5″

An ongoing series, “Fragments” are collage works derived from angled detail photos across the surface of several of my river paintings, causing shifts in perspectives. The collage and recombining process suggests the fraught complexities in our thinking that we have dominion over our natural world. For me it feels like I’m rearranging Earth. “Here’s a piece of river and over here is another river.” It’s playful while it has this undercurrent of serious stuff.

Fragments 47, Split, 2019, archival pigment prints, 9″x 8″

I’ve cut these prints along what, in the real world, is the river bank or riparian zone where water meets land. (All curvy edges in the Fragments series represent an actual place where water meets land in the world.) The broad light green pieces in the piece above are land in the Sundarbans, Bay of Bengal, where water is encroaching as seas rise.

Hormuz, 2019, archival pigment print, acrylic, Duralar, ink, colored pencil, 8″x 5.5″

Hormuz is a smashup from two series: Sidetrip, archival prints of detailed photos across my “skin of the earth” oil paintings; and Drops,* depicting actual places around the world where land meets water…in this case at the Strait of Hormuz in the Mideast

*Watch for “Drops” (“Drops in Petri Dishes”) as I continue to expand this collection into the hundreds. They have appeared within three exhibitions to date and are now, over time, becoming a diary of sorts of places in the world where water meets land and there is a story to tell. They are numbered and documented within an expanding list/catalog. More to come…..inquiries welcome.