Lynn Benson

I have a special fascination for line and this series incorporates very specific lines--meandering, curving rivers and waterways, as seen from satellites. We drive over rivers on bridges and don’t always think about them, but in our current world they are receiving more and more attention. Shipping, recreation, industry and farming are codependent partners with these waters across the globe. The same waters that feed our oceans and ourselves.

Each river or waterway represented in these paintings has itʼs own environmental and/ or political issue. And, from a higher universal perspective, each branching, flowing waterway can be seen as botanical or vascular (reflected in “Constructal Law” in physics). These various layers and concepts are in back of mind as I make choices and tease the wonderfully fluid oil colors.

This direction in my work continues to expand in scale, medium and range. (See both Waterplaces and Drops).