Lynn Benson
Traveling and exploring are best done with a camera! I used three separate cameras to capture new angles on two of my river paintings (see FLOW.ERS series). Shooting low, closer to "ground" level, across the plane of the canvas, I discovered new places, perspectives, and compositions. Suddenly, I saw these actual paths of rivers from the perspective of a traveler. Close-up shots, as well as the way we arrange our travel photos and which ones we enlarge, reveal hidden treasures, tell us about our excursion and about what we found along the way that was important to us. These rivers and land masses are unpeopled. This is the skin of our earth in a photo album of sorts.

These are samples from this collection of limited edition prints. Please contact artist for details.

This project awakened in me a long-time interest in landscape and the effect of the horizon line, historically, to indicate landscape.

For a look back on this project:

Published writing (feature article): Lynn Benson. "Sidetrip," The Hand: A Magazine for Reproduction-Based Art, Issue 9, July 2015

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