Lynn Benson

"The Waterplaces Project" features 100-plus pencil and ink on vellum works, each with an additional descriptive/informational component as a secondary feature. These are rivers, deltas, islands and shorelines on the skin of our earth where the satellite view is rich with suggestion, and there always is a story. We are that intertwined with these places.

The stories often come from the news, as water becomes more threatened, and ultimately, more valuable. I chose the vellum to reflect the very fragility of these powerful yet delicate water places around the world.

Most pieces are 9” x 9” when captured at the perimeter by two sheets of strategically folded vellum for hanging. The detail below depicts a corner of “Papua New Guinea.” The original works, hung together, are especially compelling.


UPDATE: I’m pleased to announce that the entire WATERPLACES project has been purchased by The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art in Manhattan, Kansas, to reside in their permanent collection. Watch my blog for further developments in my alliance with “The Beach”!