Riverpuzzle (detail), wall installation, 12' x 14'

Every curving edge represents an actual place where water meets land on the skin of our earth.


For the last ten years my work has been focused on our fragile world waters as news stories of specific water places and issues drive me to respond...

The steep challenges and consequences are real.

The balancing of poetry and politics feeds and challenges me and my work. 

PAINTINGS : works on canvas and vellum


Each river or waterway represented in works above have their own environmental and/or political issues. And, from a higher universal perspective, each branching flowing waterway can also be seen as botanical or anatomical. These various layers of meaning and concern are in back of mind as I make choices and tease the fluid oils and pigments in my water-focused work.

Most oil  paintings in the scroll  above are 36" x 36"...

The five scrolling square works on vellum paper are part of my Waterplaces collection of 100 small works purchased by The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art in Manhattan, Kansas, for their permanent collection....initially exhibited at The Kansas City Design Center in Kansas City, Missouri, in the large photo.  Each image in the collection has a corresponding written  piece related to that specific Waterplace


PRINTS : collage / mixed media

Works on paper below began as I looked at an oil painting on an easel, took my camera and captured angled details shooting across the surface of the painting so that perspective upon these actual river paths shifts from satellite to airplane or hillside viewpoint.  The resulting archival pigment prints, when cut along lines where water meets land, become the shapes and  lines that you see here collaged.  I'm just messing with the water and land like we do!!  Sizes are approx. 5" -  15" 



RESUME / CV (pdf)